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Zombie Catchers: Catch the Zombies is an action-platformer adventure game with a side view in a world inhabited by zombies! The events of the game take place in a world where the zombie apocalypse happened and the world became overrun by the undead. Part of the people managed to survive and hide, but the infected are many times more than the living. At this time, two merchant friends from another planet come to Earth to open a trading post. Before doing so, they decide to help people fight off zombies. First of all, they do it for their own benefit, not to save humanity.

Game Features
  • Control two different characters with different skills and weapons.
  • Capture zombies with a variety of tools, including traps, nets, harpoons and more.
  • A variety of levels, from deserted cities to underwater locations.
  • Zombie battles without bloodshed.
  • Colorful two-dimensional graphics and bright special effects.
Zombie Catchers (Mod, Unlimited Money)

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Zombie Catchers v1.38.6.apk
Размер: 87.2 Mb,
Zombie Catchers v1.38.6 (Мод, Много денег и плутония).apk
Размер: 87.13 Mb,


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