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Hyper Brawl is a MOBA game with fast-paced combat in several available modes, including team battle, capture safes or key points and others. Upgrade your character, buy new weapons and equipment to increase your damage and health. Use your character's strengths to defeat the enemy!

Check out the store more often!

There's a really well-developed shopping system here, including constantly changing items in the in-game store. This is especially true for holiday updates, when the developers prepare a bunch of extra content in advance in the form of skins, special weapons, temporary equipment and other festive attributes to make the gameplay a little more varied and fun!

Buy everything you like and afterwards use it during the battle. There are also ranked battles here, during which the player fights in a 3x3 format, the winning team receives increased rewards and rating points. Thanks to such a system, a certain selection of players of approximately the same level of play is lined up to balance opponents and allies.

Use your surroundings to outwit your opponents and win! Various barrels, walls and other map elements can be a great place to fire and reload, because bullets can't catch up with your character when he's behind cover.


  • Infinite Resources: Don't worry about collecting coins and pearls! On the Hyper Brawl V3 server, unlimited resources are available to you, allowing you to unlock all Brawlers, pump them to the max, and collect all the skins you want.
  • New Game Modes: Experience a huge variety of game modes not available in the original game, from classic battles with new rules to fun and chaotic mini-games that guarantee explosive emotions and a lot of fun.
  • Exclusive Maps: Conquer unique maps created from scratch and never seen in Brawl Stars. Explore new strategies, adapt to unusual environments and enjoy a fresh gaming experience.
  • Powerful Modifications: Hyper Brawl V3 offers many game-changing modifications. Increase speed, add new effects, activate crazy power-ups and turn Brawl Stars into a whole new game.
  • Friendly Community: Join Hyper Brawl V3's active and friendly community of players. Socialize, share experiences, create teams and engage in exciting battles with like-minded players.
  • Hyper Brawl V3 is not just a server, it's a new world of Brawl Stars! Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of endless fun, experiment, hone your skills, and become a Hyper Brawl legend!
Important: Hyper Brawl V3 is a private server and is not affiliated with Supercell. To play on the server, you must have a modified version of Brawl Stars installed.
Hyper Brawl V3 (Private Server)

Download Hyper Brawl V3 (Private Server) Free

Hyper Brawl V3 (Private Server) v3.0.6
Размер: 140 Mb


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