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Stick War: Legacy [Unlimited Gems] is a game about what soccer fans would look like inside a smartphone. No soccer, no bleachers - just training and daily training camps. The player will have to recruit fighters to his squad - experienced ones "for expensive" and newcomers almost "for free" - and train them until the strength, stamina and speed indicators reach the limit. You will also have to collect resources and materials in the vicinity of the base. These will be used to craft weapons, rivet ammunition, and create consumables such as health kits and boosters that briefly increase attack.

Also, a player can:

  • replace some fighters with others;
  • assign the title of "Elite" to individuals who have distinguished themselves;
  • manage miners and other laborers by reassigning their areas of work.

And increase the inflow of collected resources by gradually replenishing warehouses. The surplus can then be spent to create additional units.

Important: Keep an eye on wounded units to get them out of the meat grinder in time. Among them there may be very experienced ones who are more useful than others. And in the future may receive the elite patch.
Stick War: Legacy (Mod, Unlimited Gems)

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Stick War: Legacy v2023.5.331 (Оригинал).apk
Размер: 158.03 Mb,
Stick War: Legacy v2023.5.331 (Mod, Unlimited Gems).apk
Размер: 126.41 Mb,


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