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My singing monsters is an arcade mobile game that focuses on creating an orchestra of singing monsters. The game allows you to create your own musical compositions thanks to the variety of monsters. Each of them has a different appearance, but most importantly the ability to sing or play instruments, as well as produce other sounds. Users will be able to use a variety of improvements, as well as skillfully combine monsters to create amazing performances with elaborate sounds.

Game Features:

  • Cute monsters who decided to create their own musical orchestra.
  • Several islands for different number of slots for placing monsters.
  • A variety of characters who have an eccentric appearance and a variety of musical abilities. Someone sings as others play instruments.
  • Decorations on monsters to make them more attractive.
  • Earning money to buy jewelry and new musicians.
  • Creating full-fledged musical compositions that are saved to your smartphone.
  • Fully two-dimensional graphics in a colorful cartoon style.
My Singing Monsters

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My Singing Monsters v4.3.3
Размер: 279 Mb


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