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Bright Past (18+) is an instructional visual novel with role-playing elements. The game is positioned as a novel only for those who have already turned 18 years old, and all because of the presence of bright savoury scenes. The plot tells about a simple girl who finds herself in the intricacy of events and passions. The plot is filled with unexpected moments, colourful characters and various funny events. The player will be able to influence the construction of the story thanks to the ability to choose lines in dialogues, as well as some actions. All this will lead to different interesting scenes, and contributes to passing the game from two times or more.

The gameplay consists of several parts. For example, it is controlling the heroine with moving around the locations, the community. Seducing characters and dating. You can also pump up some characteristics and unlock new outfits, including underwear. It is also possible to be completely stripped of clothes at the player's discretion. Piquant scenes are many, it and just nudity, erotica, taki frank bed scenes. Everything is made as realistic and authentic. The graphics itself allows you to fully immerse yourself in the passage, as all the characters have a high level of detail. Right down to every detail of all body parts.

# Жанр: Erotic / 18 / Casual / rpg / Stylized / Singleplayer / Offline
Bright Past (18+)

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Bright Past (18+)
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