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SmartTube Next is a new YouTube application created specifically for TVs. It is an alternative client, which is an unofficial application with advanced features, as well as a more elaborate and user-friendly user interface. It's bigger and better adapted to remote control on the big screen, and the loading speed and optimization is much faster.

It is worth highlighting the absence of advertising as such, which is blocked in the application. There are also various other features for convenience and productivity in the application. The client will help you to freely enjoy watching your favorite bloggers or videos on TV, and do it as comfortably as possible, unlike the main application with an outdated interface.

Features of the app

  • Intuitive and stylish user interface, choice of night theme to rest your eyes.
  • Excellent optimization, which affects the speed of the interface and the launch of videos.
  • Disable annoying and any third-party advertising, except for those that are originally embedded in the videos themselves.
  • Subscription management, tag search, history, voice control and more.
  • Low weight of the application on the device.
# Жанр: App
SmartTube Next

Download SmartTube Next Free

SmartTube Next v22.38 Stable.apk
Размер: 20.6 Mb,
SmartTube Next v21.36 Stable / Arm64.apk
Размер: 26.94 Mb,
SmartTube Next v21.36 Stable / Armeabi-v7a.apk
Размер: 25.68 Mb,
SmartTube Next v21.36 Stable / x86.apk
Размер: 27.12 Mb,


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