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EA FC 24 Mobile is a soccer simulation game, a sequel to the once famous FIFA series, 2023! Players are provided with a more believable soccer experience with new modes, teams and championships. Compared to previous installments, this game has improved physics of the behavior of mcha and players on the field, added smoother and more detailed animation and collision of players with each other. Management, artificial intelligence and other components have also reached a higher, new level of quality, taking into account the power of modern mobile platforms. The game features single-player modes, such as a full-fledged career in promoting your own club, and there is also online, with championship tournaments where millions of players around the world will be able to show their skills.

Game Features

  • Hundreds of real-life soccer clubs and national teams from different countries.
  • Thousands of licensed players, with believable appearance and characteristics.
  • Manager elements, managing your own soccer club and training players.
  • Plausible graphics with detailed animation, and to everything else realistic physics.
  • Precise and customizable touch control, gamepad support, friendly interface.
EA SPORTS FC MOBILE 24 (Mod Unlocked)

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FC Mobile v22.0.02 Mod.apk
Размер: 132.37 Mb,
FC Mobile v20.1.03 Mod 1.apk
Размер: 141.35 Mb,
FC Mobile v20.1.03 Mod 2.apk
Размер: 200.44 Mb,


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