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Minecraft PE (Minecraft) - the most popular sandbox on Android, in which you are free to do what you want, you can build buildings, castles, build entire cities, fight with the inhabitants and monsters and rob other players =). The games allow you to play as a whole team, but there are pitfalls. Pixel mini-games popular versions. and later also involve surprise attacks, from which the players must dodge, quickly hide.

The second distinctive feature is the survival factor (Egg Wars /Bed wars with rides, Flying Island with picturesque nature and moored ship, Squid Game, etc.) The task is to fill a chest on a pirate island with a fenced-in island from which you can't escape, to build a beautiful skyscraper - in SteinwayTower, bypassing all the traps, etc. despite the obstacles. The advantage of mini-games is that you can also immerse yourself in them from your smartphone, wherever you are. It's often possible to discover multiple spawn points besides the main one. A place for 4 NPCs is certainly provided. The lobby/hub is to your liking, it's different in every game.

  • Giant open world with animals, castles, rivers and monsters
  • Ability to communicate with other players through the network;
  • pixelated graphics;
  • everything around, including the characters themselves, consists of squares;
  • you can play even on weak devices;
  • good soundtrack, similar to real-life actions.

The game doesn't involve completing certain tasks. You can build anything you want, from a small fortress to huge buildings.

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Minecraft v1.21.20.22 (Original/No mods) Final.apk
Размер: 902.4 Mb,
Minecraft v1.21.10.20 (Original/No mods) Final.apk
Размер: 947.77 Mb,
Minecraft v1.19.22.01 (Original/No mods).apk
Размер: 155.76 Mb,
BlockLauncher Pro 1.27.apk
Размер: 30.86 Mb,
Minecraft [Menu Mod/Unlocked]
Minecraft PC
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