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Squad Busters is a team tactics game for both cooperative play and single player creation of unique fighters. The game is dedicated to all the universes of Supercell games, and you can meet the heroes from these projects, which will be taken into the squad. After that, players will get to the battlefield, de take part in dangerous missions and battles, with a tactical bias on the individual skills of the characters. In the squad can take 4 fighters, then equip them and send them to perform tasks, under your direct command. Each location and map is filled with items and buildings that will help in building tactics, and conveniently will go out to destroy enemies, saving the lives of their own squad members.

Game Features

  • Tactical strategy with action elements, and all this with the universe of Supercell games.
  • Complex and exciting battles with an emphasis on a variety of equipment, skills and more.
  • Single player and cooperative mode with friends.
  • All levels and locations are unique, the approach to victory changes every time, nothing is ever the same.
Squad Busters 2024

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