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War Thunder Mobile is a full-featured military simulator that lets you fight with tanks, planes and ships from different time periods. Battles take place separately and simultaneously on water, land and in the air, creating epic confrontations. The gameplay is designed for online battles, which means there is no story or single player missions except for training. Hundreds of vehicles are present in the game, and each combat vehicle is based on a real model, exactly reproducing all the details, mechanisms and design. The game shows military equipment of different years from the 40's to the end of the Cold War, which will be a wide range of choices and possibilities. Each tank, plane or ship can be modified in every possible way, adding new parts, weapons and improvements.

Battles on land, sea and air

The game features large-scale online battles with the division into teams and the use of a wide arsenal of equipment. This allows you to create really powerful and intense battles. Realism is a special feature, as a tank, plane or ship does not have a typical health scale. Damage from hits is more precise and directly affects the technique itself. For example, there can be a ricochet, penetration, hitting the engine, cockpit and other parts, which will lead to different consequences. The crew can also die or be wounded. The controls themselves combine realism and arcade, which is very convenient for a mobile device.

Game Features

  • Online combat using a variety of 20th century combat vehicles, from tanks to airplanes.
  • Call in support forces, such as artillery fire on the battlefield.
  • Realism in control, physics of movement and damage to combat vehicles.
  • Sophisticated graphics, with the possibility of deep customization for a variety of mobile devices.
War Thunder Mobile

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War Thunder Mobile
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