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YoYa: Busy Life World (Mod, all open) - is "The Sims" for the youngest, where you can populate a whole city with only your cartoon characters and befriend them, take them on dates, arrange for work, hold joint holidays and even organize a festival with gifts and fireworks.

Oh, wonderful new world!


More than a hundred inhabitable houses, three dozen stores and stores, 6 large shopping centers, a boat station, an amusement park with carousels and clowns - this is not a complete list of what is available in the bright open world. Visit any place on the map, shop, ride rides, watch movies and socialize. And in the evening relax by the fire, on your favorite couch by the TV or play on the computer. But also don't forget that characters should:


  • eat and drink (thirst and hunger indicators decrease over time);
  • go to work (money is an important part of the game);
  • make friends and animals (without companionship, the character begins to suffer);
  • do good deeds.

Participating in a charity, for example, is a much better mood booster than watching a movie or even a long picnic outdoors.

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Abandoned and forgotten characters eventually disappear, leaving behind mountains of garbage, dirty houses, broken appliances. Sometimes an oversight can lead to a fire. And then you will have to spend a significant amount of money to restore the house. Otherwise, the city will gradually turn into a place with charred and ugly areas on the map, worsening the appearance and discouraging visitors.
YoYa: Busy Life World (Mod, Unlocked Paid Content)

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YoYa: Busy Life World (Mod, Unlocked Paid Content) v3.17
Размер: 748.8 Mb


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