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Wildberries is an application from the creators of the famous online store, which you have probably heard about more than once. Buy goods for the home, closet elements, accessories or shoes without leaving the walls of your own home! The provided application can be called an ideal replacement for the classic site. A distinctive feature can be called a good elaboration and detailing of the functioning of the Wildberries utility.

The decision to add a system of notifications about promotions and discount offers should interest every lover of easy profits. Install Wildberries on your smartphone and enjoy quality online shopping in any corner of our country. Create a personal account, track promotions, use all kinds of search filters, compare prices and enjoy browsing the widest catalog of goods every day.

# Жанр: App
Wildberries (Official version)

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Wildberries (Official version) v6.6.9001
Размер: 110.12 Mb


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