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Lamar is an Idle Vlogger (Mod Free Upgrades) is a kind of life simulator for a guy who decided to become a vlogger. One day he wakes up and realizes that he lives in a broken apartment and drives his father's rusty car and he has to do something to fix it. He decides to become a vlogger, but he doesn't even have his own smartphone with a camera, so he uses his friend's phone. The game will allow you to explore locations, shoot videos, gain subscribers and earn money for a better life for your protagonist.

The path to success of Lamar

Need to travel the streets of the city and try to shoot something interesting that can appeal to viewers. Gradually gain more and more views and subscribers. And after a while will begin to drip money, which can be spent on all sorts of things. For example, on clothes, and then a hairstyle, it may be possible to buy a personal phone and much more.

At the same time you have to communicate with different characters and perform tasks in the style of a quest, you have to eat, have fun, cope with the need, take out the garbage and deal with other life situations and solve problems. The game has a lot of humor and funny situations that happen to the main character as you progress.

Features of the Mod

The mod adds some advantages to the game compared to the original. For example, you can buy any items for free, such as game currency, skins and the like. And spend it to buy directly in-game items, namely apartments, clothes, smartphones, wheelbarrows and much more.

Game Features

  • Unusual and stylish two-dimensional graphics with smooth and sophisticated animation.
  • Opportunity to become a vlogger and record fun content.
  • Elements of life simulator, satisfaction of the hero's vital signs.
  • A sea of humor, funny characters and funny plot situations.
Lamar - Idle Vlogger (Mod, Free Upgrades)

Download Hack! Lamar - Idle Vlogger (Mod, Free Upgrades) Free

Ламар - Идл Влоггер v2.1.0 (Оригинал).apk
Размер: 151.51 Mb,
Ламар - Идл Влоггер v208_04-11 (Мод, свободные покупки).apk
Размер: 127.03 Mb,


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