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Yandex.Navigator is created specifically for drivers, and allows you to lay out a precise mortar to the purpose of the trip, taking into account all possible variables. When building a route, the weather, traffic, convenient passages and roads are taken into account. Many functions work only when connected to the Internet, but the maps are able to function without the network. The navigator will be able to build and show the route, if maps of the area have been downloaded in advance. For ease of use, an intuitive interface is implemented. Alice voice assistant is built into the application, so you can control by voice.

Features of the application
  • Navigator with smart path construction to the address.
  • Automatic voice prompts and up-to-date information about the situation on the roads.
  • Work without internet, with downloaded maps.
  • Thoughtful user interface.
# Жанр: App

Download Yandex.Navigator Free

Yandex.Navigator v19.4.0
Размер: 206.79 Mb


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