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Lemon Boxing - Bravl Sim - a classic hit box simulator, and completely free with mini games where you can earn game currency! The game is related to Brawl Stars, as it involves knocking down boxes and boxes of gifts and items. However, the connection is indirect, as this game does not affect the main game, and the rewards are only imaginary. The idea is to be able to see all the items available and to feel the real joy of being able to open premium boxes with valuable items. Unlike other similar applications, it implements an intuitive user interface and graphics with smooth animation and detailed two-dimensional padding.

Game Features
  • The opportunity to feel the joy of winning, when opening the boxes.
  • Hundreds of items from frequent to rare.
  • Dozens of characters you can see.
  • Colorful two-dimensional graphics with detailed interface drawing.
Lemon Box (Mod, Unlimited Money)

Download Hack! Lemon Box (Mod, Unlimited Money) Free

Lemon Box (Mod, Unlimited Money) v6.4.6.1
Размер: 162.69 Mb


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