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Frozen City is a simulator of building a city and surviving a human community in dangerous post-apocalyptic conditions. Everything happens during a new glacial rebirth, which means incredible cold, lack of food, heat and other food. The player will have to restore society, and for this you need to build different buildings necessary for survival. You also have to collect and extract resources, take care of each inhabitant, since they are all separate individuals. There are various additional tasks and quests that will tell part of the plot of the game.

Game Features

  • Minimalistic three-dimensional graphics with colorful colors.
  • The setting of the frosty end of the world, and the survival of society in these conditions.
  • Mechanics of construction and resource management.
  • Sophisticated and simple user interface.
  • Intuitive controls.
Frozen City (MOD Unlimited Money, Wood)

Download Hack! Frozen City (MOD Unlimited Money, Wood) Free

Frozen City v1.9.33 (Full version/no ads).apk
Размер: 736.71 Mb,
Frozen City v1.9.4 (Mod, Unlimited Money, Wood).apk
Размер: 194.3 Mb,


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