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Google Play is an Android mobile app store. The application allows you to download paid and free mobile programs, games, books and movies. The store automatically detects the device, and therefore, shows only those applications that will definitely work on the smartphone, and the rest, which are not supported, will not simply be shown. The store will allow you to search by category, as well as name, and various tops, for the apps you need. Google Play has a convenient user interface and a wide range of functionality, for example, you can not only download or buy content, but also put ratings and comments.

Application Features

  • Tens of thousands of applications, games, books and movies of all genres.
  • Paid and free applications and other content.
  • Demo versions of some paid applications without installation.
  • Paid subscription with hundreds of games available for free download.
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Google Play Store

Download Google Play Store Free

Google Play Market v41.8.14.apk
Размер: 61.77 Mb,
Google Play Market v41.6.17 for Android TV 6.0+.apk
Размер: 43.24 Mb,
Google Play Market v6.2.14 (Old version 2.3+).apk
Размер: 14.35 Mb,
Google Play Market v33.1.16 (Old version 4.4+).apk
Размер: 26.33 Mb,


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