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Vk is an application of the Vkontakte social network. The program is created for a more convenient use of the social network through a smartphone. There is a elaborate user interface, change the theme to night or original and other individual settings. So, the application has the full functionality of the original browser version. You can correspond, join and manage groups, listen to music, watch videos, give gifts, play games and much more. Quick and convenient work is facilitated by an incredibly well-designed user interface adapted for finger touch control.

Features of the application
  • Wide functionality of "Vkontakte", but from the screen of a mobile device.
  • Thoughtful user interface.
  • Change the theme to night and normal.
  • Listen to music and watch videos, correspondence and more.
# Жанр: App / Social

Download VKontakte Free

VKontakte v8.86
Размер: 150.95 Mb


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