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Snapchat is an official chat app with an interesting set of features and its own philosophy for Android. The developers of the program managed to combine the best of popular chat rooms, spice it up with multimedia features and present the public with an innovative format of communication without electronic surveillance.

Easily and quickly share any photos and videos, without any repercussions. Unlike Facebook, Instagram and other social networks, on Snapchat messages disappear from the network without a trace after maximum 10 seconds! You can download Snapchat on Android for free on this page.

Features of the Snapchat app

  • Photo and video messages are destroyed within a short time after viewing.
  • Built-in editor with original filters, lenses and special effects.
  • Function to add caption directly on the photo.
  • Use front and rear cameras.
  • Intuitive time limit setting.
  • Message when a screenshot is created by someone in the recipient.
  • Adding contacts from the phone book.
  • Search for users by name.
  • Simple and clear interface with Russian language support.
  • Storage of your snap viewing history for the last 24 hours.
# Жанр: App / Social

Download Snapchat Free

Snapchat v12.96.0.31
Размер: 146.97 Mb


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